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How much better can your vision be?

Set up a consult to find out!

Acupuncture for your Eyes

3, 6 or 12 Month Vision Restoration Sessions

You may have been told that your eyes aren't able to heal. That may be true, but we have a process that accelerates the healing potential of your eyes. In other words, we stimulate the eyes to enter repair phase using a balanced mind, body, spirit approach.  We show clients like you how to make small changes to their daily routines, with their foods, their movements, and with vision-healing treatments that move the body slowly from a neutral state to a very healthy, healing phase of your life. In 85% of the cases we are able to improve or stabilize the visual health of the eyes. We work with clients for 3, 6,or 12 months to make sure that the changes they have made become habits, in other words we are here for you as long as you require assistance. Whatever we can do to help you regain your vision, and retain the improvements, we are going to do for you! Now its time for you to act. Set up an initial consultation to find out if acupuncture for your eyes will work for you, and begin the path to restoring your vision right now!

Conditions we treat

Check out our testimonials below to hear how effective and how much benefit our clients have gotten.

This is something we can treat very effectively.

If your MD has said there isn't anything they can do reach out to us to discuss your options, because you have options.

Release the pressure with holistic medicine. 

Improving blood flow to the eyes allows repairs of the tiny capillaries to take place. 

By focusing the body's healing power on the eyes we are allowing oil glands to open and flow freely. 

Several causes lead to optical migraines, we can use holistic medicine to support the body and its healing mechanisms to alleviate the pain. 

The pressure of work and school compiled with eye strain can lead to painful eyes. 

Vitreous fluid can accumulate and form small dark areas that impede the vision. We can help the body move the stagnation out and improve the vision. 

By supporting the health of the visual cells we can alleviate the formation and prevalence of corneal disease.

Helping the body to heal the capillary walls and preventing them in the future is our goal. 

"Whatever you can do, or think you can do begin it. Boldness has genius, magic and power in it."


What Our Clients Say

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"Since I started having acupuncture here my vision has gotten to the point where I can easily see road signs...Now I can hang on to the changes, something I was not able to do before. "

Debbe Manchester, Vision Client


1225 Ken Pratt Boulevard, Longmont, CO, USA

(720) 513-1233

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